RecallTrak: Free Realtor Email Marketing

There are many reasons to choose Security Home Inspections over other inspection companies in Indiana. One of them is our partnership with RecallChek® that gives you free email marketing. Included as a lifetime service with the FREE RecallChek® provided by Security Home Inspections is a monthly email newsletter to your homebuyers- RecallTrak. This newsletter, featuring you across the header, their appliances and offers our helpful Monthly Maintenance Minute updates.

RecallTrak - free realtor email marketing


What else does RecallChek do?

Thanks to Congress, the American consumer is protected from hazardous products in their home and is entitled by law to free repairs from manufacturers of recalled items. But in today’s busy world, do you really have time to sort through 200 million recalled items on a government database to verify if a specific dishwasher model has been recalled? RecallChek® makes checking for faulty appliances hassle-free. Here’s how it works:

1. Our home inspectors make note of the model numbers of all of the major appliances in the home.

2. Using a computer algorithm, the model numbers are checked against RecallChek’s compiled list of recalled appliances.

3. If any recalled items come up, the Indianapolis home inspection professionals of Security Home Inspections will send a detailed report of the defective appliances and instructions on how to get them repaired or replaced for free.

It’s that easy! Best of all, this is a lifelong service. If the homeowner purchases any new home appliances, they simply just let us know; we’ll add them to the list and contact them if any of them are recalled.


Getting setup with RecallTrak is as simple as:

1. You or your inspector will register you for RecallTrak and upload your contact information, photo and company logo exactly as shown on your website.

2. Professionally written content will change each month, giving your clients useful information they will look forward to reading.

3. If your homebuyers only read one email a month they will not want to miss this one from you designed to protect their families from potentially dangerous appliances.

4. Just book today and watch your Repeat Referral Business grow effortlessly!


If you’re looking for a great way to grow your clientele, this is a great, helpful, and non-intrusive way of connecting with your clients every month. Most companies charge money for their email marketing services, but our service is included FREE with inspection. 


If you want to see what else RecallChek® offers, you can learn more about their services here

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